Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fundraising in memory of Graham

There’s an old adage that says the world is getting smaller and up until a year ago I guess I subscribed to that belief and then my brother Graham went missing.
The family came together to come up with ideas as to where he might have gone to and as the list grew, the enormity of the search became apparent and the helplessness of the situation threatened to overwhelm us all.

What if we sent someone to search in one place or area of the country, to find out later that he’d been in another place we’d had on our list? I’m not sure how or who we first came across the wonderful folks working for Missing People, but we did. They calmly listened to our story and then simply offered their support and assistance. All we had to do was tell them where we thought Graham might have gone and they would get the message and his picture out to their contacts in the area to spread the word. Just that simple offer seemed to lift a huge weight off all our shoulders and allowed us to focus our efforts closer to home, in support of my parents who were in bits and Graham’s wife and children who were so brave throughout.

Although the eventual outcome wasn’t as we’d hoped, Graham lost his own private battle against the dark demons of depression and took his own life; the family were keen to show their appreciation to the charity for their kindness and support they’d shown to us at such a difficult time.

Like many people, I knew a little about what Missing People and I was keen to understand more and to understand how any monies we might raise would be used. I called the charity and was invited along to see first-hand for myself. I guess I drew a mental picture in my mind of what the offices might look like as I walked down from Mortlake station but if I’m honest that picture was so wrong! Modest would be a great word to describe things, but that in itself reaffirmed to me that every penny raised or donated is carefully spent. I’ve done a couple of sporting endeavours these last couple of months and raised a few pounds in the process and I know it will be spent helping others as they me and my family. I cannot tell you how much hope it gives a family to know that others are willing to help in any search and that you’re not as alone as you think.

So thank you on behalf of families like mine who you’re helped through your support of this wonderful charity in the past, and to those of you who are considering donating in the future and what to know whether your money will be carefully spent and will it make a difference to the families they support, trust me it does, it really does.

A speech by Nigel Emery,
Missing People supporter and fundraiser, speaking at the Missing People Open Evening 26 September

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