Friday, 25 January 2013

Doors open, candles burn bright

As soon as I was asked to write a small piece on Missing People I jumped at the opportunity and, feeling passionate about a cause I was thinking - Easy!!

Looking at the charity as an outsider a few years back, well it wouldn't have looked simple! I had never heard of Missing People.  I thought I had never met a missing person, or a person who knew a someone who had gone missing. 

I thought I didn’t know why someone would go Missing, or if they had – surely they would show up after a day or two, right?

The situation is different now, and I’ve realised it’s strange how Doors Open and Candles burn Bright - Doors Close and Candles go Out.

On the morning of the 16th Dec 2008 a door opened - and closed.  I was sitting in a small room alongside Sir Richard Branson, I was thinking how am I going to get through the next few minutes talking to Fiona Phillips on the GMTV Day Break sofa about my documentary which was being shown that night.

I was watching the TV and a lady was on before me with a couple of kids and a gentleman talking about her sister who she hadn't seen for over 8 months. My interview went well and went back to the green room - Branson was on his way out shook our hands and said to the lady and gentleman - "I hope you find your Sister".

I stayed back and got talking to them both along with their small children. She explained to me that they were not her kids and that she was helping look after them; that her sister had been Missing for over 8 months and that no one had seen her or heard from her in all that time.

I felt sad for them all, but my adrenalin was going, I was in my own little bubble at the time and never really took much notice. Anyhow, she said she was getting help from the Missing People charity and handed me a business card with the name of Ross Miller - Missing People.
I placed it in my wallet said my goodbyes and got a car to my next interview.
Doors Closed - Candles Out!!

I cleaned my bedside cabinet out, found my old wallet, proceeded to empty it and found Ross Miller’s business card.

I don't know why but this lady came back to me in my mind and the anguish, hurt , pain, confusion, emptiness, the dark void, the rush , the anger , and guilt that I tried to imagine took me to give this Ross guy a ring!

After speaking to Ross I decided to have a meeting with him at Missing People not knowing what to expect, I walked out of there with such a burning light within me and vowed to help The Charity, The Missing, their families and friends in whatever way I could.

As a runaway at the age of 15 years, I didn't know I WAS MISSING - you sometimes don't.
As a teen I returned home after a week and I still don't know what it's like when someone you love goes missing - Only the ones left behind will truly know.

Together with Missing People WE CAN and ALWAYS WILL keep the Door Open and Candles burning bright - ready for the missing to come home.

By Sleep Artist Lee Hadwin
Passionate supporter and fundraiser for the charity Missing People
Please click to read about Lee’s auction, which Lee is using to support the charity and anyone affected by a disappearance

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