Friday, 8 February 2013

The missing piece

The charity Missing People has been very important over the past five to seven years.  Having to cope with no answers is what many people affected by a disappearance describe as ‘living in limbo', and we must work very hard to be strong and positive for those around us.

More recently, I’ve been the main point of contact in my family for the police and the charity Missing People, as I search for my brother Kevin who went missing 27 years ago on 2 March 1986. It's very hard when you know you have a brother – you have the pictures & memories from when you were young – but as time goes by it feels like you are an only child, even though you’re not.  It's like you’re a jigsaw with a missing piece.

Every now and then I go to the Missing People offices and speak to their support staff.  They offer a lot of help and discuss my feelings, Kevin, and any new information/evidence and help to publicise his appeal.  Last time they mentioned the Miles for Missing People event and I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m running the 10k event because the charity is very close to my heart.  It will be a special day because there will be so many people who are trying to help one another.  Some people are running for friends, some people for friends of friends, and others will just want to do something positive for a good cause.  

I think it is a good opportunity to meet people who have had the same experiences as me; it can really lift people’s spirits to talk about such personal things with those who understand all around.  It’s also interesting to see how many people have been affected and have experienced similar things.  So many young people and adults go missing for a number of different reasons, and big events allow them to share their passion for a common cause.

So far I have raised £154.00 and the Croydon Advertiser & Croydon Guardian have done appeals for me, plus I’ve been hitting the gym to prepare.

I miss the birthdays we shared together (my birthday is day before Kevin's) and his always on my mind, I will never give up hope and until I have answers I will keep positive and help others in any way I can. 

By Alex Hicks,
Sister of Kevin Hicks, who has been missing since 1986
If you want to join Alex at Miles for Missing People, please click for more details.

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