Monday, 1 July 2013

All missing children are equal

On International Missing Children’s day on May the 25th, we at the charity profiled and featured 48 missing children as part of our Big Tweet campaign. One child every half an hour for 24 hours.

This is only a percentage of the missing children that we are currently looking for, and a small proportion of the children missing across the UK at any time.  

There are many children and young people across the country that won’t be reported missing, when they are away from home.  Some from neglectful carers, some because people wrongly assume that you have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing and others because the child is missing so frequently that people stop noticing that it is unusual. 

We speak to lots of children on our 116 000 helpline, who tell us that nobody will have reported them missing.  

If you look through the missing children appeals on our website, there will be some that you are more interested in and want to know more about and some you make judgement about and may be less concerned for. 

This inevitably is something that we are challenged with every day at the charity. The fact that the child isn’t British but missing in the UK, or that they don’t look like your child or relative often means that little interest is shown by the media or the public. We know we will always get lots of interest from journalists, and on our social media sites when the child is young, or attractive, or perceived to be  ‘like a child I would know’. 

This natural response to find connection and empathy with situations that we understand or can imagine happening, means that in life there is always people less cared for or worried for.

Our pledge and commitment along with CEOP and the Missing Kids website, is to make sure all missing children are equal, that we do search, we do remember they’re missing and that we continue to care for each and every one when they ask for our help.

By Helen Alves
Services and Family Support Manager for Missing People

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