Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tracesmart's Charity Of Choice

It’s been over three years since Tracesmart pledged its resources and financial support to its charity of choice, Missing People. As our arrangement was due to expire, we recently explored whether we wanted to devote another three years to the charity… the unequivocal answer was yes, yes, yes!... and why wouldn’t we? Or perhaps more to the point, why do we do it?

Three years ago, it was purely a dispassionate business decision. Tracesmart were beginning to compete in the larger arenas and we wanted to be seen to put something back into the community and we, like most enterprises, have a corporate social responsibility. The search was on for a voluntary organisation that we could engage with and support, ideally with a correlation with our service or brand. The search did not take long; the charity we found was unlike any other - recently rebranded, we liked what they did; they lacked funding and there were certainly very strong synergies.

Missing People is a lifeline when someone disappears. It provides expert support to ease the heartache and confusion for the families and friends left behind, and helps with the search for missing loved ones.

Our business facilitates the means to trace or verify people; our clients either utilise our on-line self-serve platform or we conduct the searches ourselves on their behalf. Our TraceIQ facility has now become an invaluable resource for Missing People, providing them with an online resource to fulfill their investigative and tracing needs. 

It was and is the perfect match.

Today, it’s three years down the road and we’re now committed for a further three. Staff frequently become involved with the charity through events and practical support. They walk, run, cycle, sing, bake and make coffee to support and raise money for Missing People. Furthermore we make a real difference with the provision of our TraceIQ facility, and our data cleansing delivers the means to develop Missing People’s supporter communications - to significantly boost their donor contributions.

For the future, we aim to increase activity, to become the lead sponsor for Missing People’s Edinburgh to London Cycle Challenge and to be involved with its Child Rescue Alert initiative. There is little doubt our association is built on strong foundations and we will develop and prosper even further, together.

We are set for the long-term and long may it continue.

Penned by Owen Roberts,
Head of Communications at Tracesmart

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