Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ask your MP to sign Missing People’s early day motion to support families of missing people

 Ann Coffey MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, this week submitted an Early Day Motion (a parliamentary motion MPs can sign to draw attention to particular issues) pushing the government to introduce a new scheme of legal guardianship.

In the UK, 250,000 people go missing each year. Although 98% of missing people return or are located within a week, for the families and friends of those who are not, the trauma and distress can be met by increasing financial, legal and practical difficulties.

When a person is missing, families can struggle to keep their loved one’s affairs in order. Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions will often refuse to discuss issues with anyone other than the specific client - if that client is the missing relative, there is nothing the family can do. Finances can be damaged beyond repair and in the worst cases, homes are at risk of being lost – affecting not only the missing person but their loved ones too.

As part of the Missing Rights campaign, Missing People has been campaigning for a new scheme of legal guardianship that would allow a family member to apply for the right to manage the affairs of their missing relative.

The campaign, supported by MPs, families of missing people and our supporters, led to the Justice Minister Lord Faulks QC announcing proposals to introduce a new power of guardianship. However, to date there has been no timetable for its introduction. Many families have been waiting for this law for years, and the impact of this delay means the emotional trauma they experience is exacerbated by the legal and financial difficulties they face. Missing People is campaigning for a timetable of the scheme’s introduction to be urgently announced.

Please support our campaign for a scheme of legal guardianship by using our online tool to ask your MP to sign EDM 733, calling on the government to urgently commit to a parliamentary timetable on its proposal.

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