Friday, 8 July 2016

What does Brexit mean for Missing People?

This post comes from Missing People's Policy Manager Anna Collins.

With the result of the UK referendum now clear after months of campaigning what it means for the future remains uncertain.

The referendum has shown a division amongst the UK’s population about how we’d like to operate in the world. At Missing People we’ve been considering what the ‘leave’ vote means for missing people and their families

Our services

Our services are funded from a range of sources so whilst the economic picture is uncertain, our funding sources are deliberately diverse to ensure we’re not reliant upon one source of income. We’ll be keeping an eye on economic developments to ensure that we can continue to provide a lifeline to missing people and their families day in and day out.

We work in close collaboration with European partners and are a member of Missing Children Europe, the European Federation for Missing Children. The leave vote won’t affect this membership. Our helpline number 116 000 came from an EU directive in 2007 won’t be affected either.

Our policy and campaigns work

With political uncertainty following the leave vote we’re reflecting on our campaigns and prioritising activities where we can have most influence. The Government’s main focus will be dealing with negotiations to withdraw from the European Union and deciding which pieces of legislation to repeal or amend. It’s not certain if there’ll be a general election in the short term. We’ll be monitoring the situation to identify opportunities to champion our campaigns with our parliamentary supporters many of you have helped us to develop relationships with, and with key agencies outside Parliament such as police and local authorities

What happens next?

The Conservatives are currently deciding who their leader and therefore the next Prime Minister will be. It will then be up to them to decide when to trigger article 50, which starts the process for leaving the European Union and for negotiations to take place.

In the meantime, our work will continue to support and campaign for missing people and their families and we’ll still need your help to make that happen.

Missing People produces a quarterly newsletter, Missing News, which collates a comprehensive picture of the latest developments in policy, practice and research relating to missing. To sign up to receive these updates, please email

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