Monday, 12 September 2016

Volunteering through work for Missing People

Lisa West is Research & Insight Manager at Primesight, one of the biggest outdoor advertising companies in the UK and a key partner of the charity. She joined the Missing People Communications team for a day's volunteering a few weeks ago to share her skills and insight with the team.

"I had the wonderful opportunity of joining the Missing People marketing team for a day’s volunteering work and through this experience gathered lots of insight into not only how the charity help the families of missing people but also how it offers a fantastic support service for those that go missing. So much of this charity is reliant on volunteers, so it was great to hear that the opportunity for remote work is growing across the organisation. (Especially for those busy in their own full time/part time jobs).

Through my induction, I was exposed to the new approach of conducting return home interviews to help understand the root of the problem of why children go missing. This is massively helping identify cause and effect and as a result ensuring the children are less likely to go missing again moving forward. By integrating solutions of prevention instead of cure, it was great to see the positive impact from this.

At the beginning of my volunteering day, I was able to dedicate time into understanding more about the charity and the recent introduction of the Runaway Helpline, which has had stronger resonance with the younger age group. As a marketer, we have all seen a change in the way we communicate and updated our marketing strategies to adapt to this. As such, it was encouraging to hear there has been a huge increase in the amount of people contacting the charity through text messaging and the ability for them to respond to this quickly and effectively through this channel.

Social media is also a key part of their communications process. Later on in the day, through conducting analysis of their Facebook channel, I was able to help determine what posts have been performing well over the last quarter and ways in which the charity could increase traction with certain demographic profiles. This analysis could then help feed into their social media strategy moving forward.

Overall, I feel privileged to have dedicated my marketing skills to this charity and would certainly recommend others to do the same for such a worthy cause. Whether your skills lie in marketing, sales, customer service or other areas, there is always something we can do to help. Please contact Aimee Castle for more details. ("

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