Monday, 25 July 2016

Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared

If you were hooked on ‘Making a Murderer’ there’s a new series you must watch about a boy who has been missing for 20 years. Here’s why.

By Val Nettles, mum of missing Damien

Where do I start? My son Damien has been missing for 19 years. We have had an upward battle throughout these years to keep his case active. Our family struggled with the initial police view that Damien went off on his own for some unknown reason. We never felt this was the case, even when they said “He’s gone off for a funny five minutes Mrs. Nettles, be back by tea-time”. They didn’t think it was a problem, despite it being completely out of character.

Friday, 8 July 2016

What does Brexit mean for Missing People?

This post comes from Missing People's Policy Manager Anna Collins.

With the result of the UK referendum now clear after months of campaigning what it means for the future remains uncertain.

The referendum has shown a division amongst the UK’s population about how we’d like to operate in the world. At Missing People we’ve been considering what the ‘leave’ vote means for missing people and their families

Around 250,000 people go missing in the UK each year. The Missing Blog aims to give a voice to all those affected by this issue.

Written by families and friends of missing people, supporters working to raise awareness of the cause, and volunteers and staff at the charity Missing People, we hope that this blog will offer a window into the issue of missing.

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