Monday, 28 August 2017

A Poem by Cat: In Between

A poem for those missing someone.
By Cat Cade.

I shut my eyes
And let the darkness settle into my skin
And the places in between.

Memories of colour and laughter 
dance behind my eyelids, 

But their edges are smudging with time, 
Fading into the spaces in between.

I reach out, 
Trying to hold onto you, 
On to anything that will pull you back from the shades of grey and black, 
Back into the light
Where you're meant to be.

Here and now.

But I don't know what you look like anymore?
The sound of your voice grows softer in my memories, 
Even though I strain forward
And call out to you.

You're fading into the whispers of back then, 
Before and long ago, 
You stay out of reach, at the end of my fingertips.

So I hold onto the shadows and hope that one day you'll step forward from the places in between, 
When I won't have to imagine the curl of your eyelashes or the ghost of your smile.

I hold a light; always glowing, always bright; 
In my heart, 
And keep looking for you in the spaces in between.

For those missing someone
By Cat Cade

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