Thursday, 1 March 2018

Missing People's new counselling service

Missing People has provided a Counselling Service for adults since 2012 and from today, 1st March 2018, we will be offering the service to young people affected by a loved one missing from their lives. This support will be available to children as young as 11.

When someone goes missing it affects everyone within the family who are left behind. For young people this can show in many different ways, moods can swing from angry to sad, sleepless nights, not eating, confusion and questions around blame - was it my fault?

These are signs of trauma and can happen in the first days or months that follow their loved one leaving. Our Telephone Counselling for young people will offer a safe space to talk through feelings and emotions, to understand and to explore ways to cope during this most upsetting of times.

We will be adaptable and provide the sessions either by phone or by video call - whichever suits best.

Missing People realises that, during the turmoil of a missing incident, sometimes smaller, quieter voices might not be heard. Young people can feel that their parents or guardian may already be dealing with so much that they can’t speak up and talk about their emotions. Missing People's counsellors will not only listen, they will also offer a “safe space” and provide the specialist support that is needed during this time.

We have recently been joined by 2 new counsellors, Elizabeth Gow and Lucy Wade, who are very experienced in working with young people and who have been trained to work with the issues those families with loved ones missing go through.

If you are or you know of a young person who has been affected by having a loved one go missing,  please call our free confidential helpline on 116 000. Likewise, if you are unsure and would like to talk things through further, please call and our team will speak with you about how we can help.

Having someone missing from your life affects all members of the family and Missing People want to ensure that everyone feels supported.

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