Thursday, 17 May 2018

What can we offer children and young people?

We want to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week and International Child Helpline Day by highlighting some of the incredible services we offer.

What can we offer children and young people?
A safe space to seek the help and support they need!!

That’s one of the key reasons our specialised children and young people team and resources exist. The idea around this is to develop an impressionable, tangible service that young people feel they can lean on. 

We have been working hard to continuously develop our digital engagement through our popular website resource, and in addition, give young people a platform to have their voices heard. Currently, we are running a movement focused on allowing children and young people to share their stories via the runaway helpline website; encouraging inspiration, engagement and peer to peer support to other children and young people. The movement is called #iWillShareMyStory, have a look at some of the amazing stories some of our young people have shared here

We will always offer a non-judgemental service where young people have that encouragement to talk about their journey stage and the issues they are facing because they are extremely important to us. Our web design focuses a lot on journey stages for young people- giving advice, tips and encouragement during every stage of ‘running away'.

Recently, our team focused on children and young people and have been conducting research on the main reasons we were contacted last year (via out CHAT and PHONE lines).  Sadly, mental health was in the top 10 trends on both support channels.

It is vital at this stage that we are aware of the issues which can affect children and young people’s mental health resulting in them running away to try and escape exactly that. That’s where we come in, we will never stop supporting, empowering and uplifting any young person in their time of need. In line with our 5-year strategic plan, we have a goal to help make 10,000 children safer from harm every year through our central services, local services and our resources, such as our digital help online. We believe every missing child should have a safe place to turn to for help- and we realise how difficult this may be for many children and young people experiencing mental health problems. It’s really important to us that we keep our campaigns relevant, and continue to develop even more partnerships to support challenges related to mental health.

If a child or young person needs support- they can contact us via:

1.       Our 1-2-1 chat service open 7 days a week 2:30-10pm. This is accessible through our children and young people’s website

2.       We also have multiple articles, tips and strategies to do with running away and the stages of running away on our website

3.       Our 24 hour helpline service- this is reachable for free through phone or text on 11600 and on email at

4.       Our social media twitter page- young people can follow our separate social media page designed for them @runaway helpline on twitter.

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