Friday, 6 July 2018

25 ways to celebrate 25 years of Missing People

There are so many ways that you can get involved and fundraise for us. Daisy, our Supporter Engagement Officer has come up with 25 ways you can raise some money for us on our 25th birthday! 

Every 90 seconds someone is reported missing in the UK. Each year thousands of families are devastated by the loss of a loved one, but you can do your bit to help. 

Missing People has offered support to anyone affected by a disappearance since 1993, via our free, 24/7 and confidential 116 000 helpline. We offer practical and emotional support to people away from home and the families left behind. One mother once told us: "Your helpline was a lifeline during one of the most difficult and stressful times I have ever encountered”

Our services team are stretched to capacity, and vulnerable children and adults remain in peril unsafe and unfound. We urgently need to help more people, and can’t do this without support from amazing people like you.

This year, to mark our 25th anniversary, why not try out one of our 25 ways to fundraise for Missing People, and help us reach out to more vulnerable missing children and adults.

   1) Set up a Facebook fundraiser. 
      Facebook fundraisers are a great new way to raise money for brilliant causes. Why not set one up with the aim of raising £166 to raise awareness of our 116 000   
      helpline number?

      2) Take on a challenge. 
      We have plenty of fun challenge events to get involved with. We ’re especially looking for keen beans to take on Royal Parks Half Marathon for us. Visit to sign up today.

      3) Play People’s Postcode Lottery. 
      We’re proud to be supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. By taking part you could win amazing prizes and you’ll help many amazing causes such as Missing People.

     4)  Take time for tea. Organise a tea party with your friends and charge for coffee and cake.
     5)  Dressing down. Organise a dress down day at your office and charge £1

    6)  Dress up! Because it’s far more fun than 
      dressing down…

     7)  Let’s get quizzical! Organise a quiz to raise money for us. 
      You can email 
      for readymade questions if you like.

     8)  Bake sale. Because cake is delicious.

     9)  Raffle excitement. See if a local business will make a donation and organise a raffle. Make sure you’re keeping it legal by visiting the Gambling Commission’s website.

     10) Guess how many sweets in the jar. The closest guess wins!

    11)  Sweepstake... on sports games, TV shows or the first person to cave and hit the snack table at work.

     12)  Sponsored silence. Shh!

    13)  Jail and bail. Imprison a colleague for comedy crimes, and hopefully, they’ll raise the bail for their release…

  14)  Head shave. Could you brave the shave? Daunting, yes. Amazing fundraising idea? Absolutely.

    15)  Movie Night. Charge for popcorn and an entry fee for a movie night at home.

     16)  Games Night. Invite your favourite friends over for a night of board games.

    17) 10,000 steps a day challenge. You don’t need a smart watch to do this, just use the steps monitor on your phone.

   18)  Face painting stall. Are you a budding artist? Why not paint your friends faces in exchange for donations?

  19)  Chili eating competition. How many scovilles can you handle? Missing People will take no responsibility for fiery mouths.

   20) Treasure hunt. Organise a treasure hunt in your local area and charge per map.

   21) Swear box. At home or at work, this can be a lucrative fundraising idea.

   22) Talent Show. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up on Britain’s Got Talent, like the Missing People Choir.

   23) Cycle challenge. Organise your own cycle challenge with friends. You get to set the route and the pace.

   24) Live music night. Know a few cool bands?
   Why not put a charity gig night together?

   25)   Skill share. Have you got any skills that you could teach to people for donations? 
      Spread the love. 

       If you’d like to fundraise for us, I can’t wait to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing

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