Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Never Give up

Image result for tree in desertA poem sent in by a supporter of the charity, with the hope that those who read it can be more encouraged on days where they feel like they are struggling. "May this small token encourage you as you struggle each day to deal with your ambiguous loss. May you look to the future in hope of finding your loved one again."

A tree stands alone on the precipice,
it's fingers dug deep in the sand.
Although time and the elements eat at its world,
it proudly, definitely stands. 

Its branches still reaching for heaven,
its roots bare and washing away.
To all others, its fate has clearly been seen,
yet it stands, more determined each day.

One more day it gives shade to the weary,
One more day it replaces our air,
one more day it is given to fulfil the plan
of the almighty father up there.

We can learn from this proud little sapling,
when we look deep into our own cup.
When the things of this world seem to wear us away
we can bend, but must never give up. 

- Steven P. Le Fever

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