Thursday, 31 January 2019


We are sure that you must of heard of the #10YearChallenge taking social platforms by storm. This light-hearted challenge is nothing but a fun throw back moment for most people. For Kevin, the 10 Year Challenge conjurers up different feelings. Kevin's son Andrew has been missing for 11 years. With the help of an aged-progressed image, Kevin takes a moment to reflect on how Andrew might have changed during the time he has been away from home.

If you travel around the UK, you may well have seen one of these posters for Missing People’s Find Every Child campaign, which includes the face of our son Andrew Gosden from a photo taken weeks before he vanished in 2007 aged just 14.

The #10YearChallenge trend currently on social media involves people comparing photographs of themselves 10 years apart.  For most people, this is pretty easy to do.  In our case, it forms more of a challenge.

Andrew has been missing for 11 years now.  Last year Missing People gave us the opportunity to develop an age progressed image as part of our ongoing search for him.  The artist, Tim Widden, requested family photos of my wife and I, Andrew’s sister and other relatives around age 25, from which he developed these remarkable images.

During the process, we bounced suggestions back and forth as we tried to think how Andrew may look aged 25.  Could he wear contacts?  Have grown a beard?  What could he have done with his hair?  Might he have piercings or tattoos?  We don’t know.  As a family, we don’t even know if Andrew is still alive, less yet what decisions he may have made about his appearance over a decade.  It is an emotional experience having to make educated guesses at how your own son may look.

It seems like such an everyday thing, knowing what someone looks like.  I don’t think I would walk past my daughter in the street, but I fear I could walk past my son and never recognise him.

Our #10YearChallenge is one no parent would ever wish to face. 

We have had to face that #10YearChallenge and we could not have done so without the help, resources and support of Missing People.  If you can support them in any way, please consider doing so knowing that they help real families just like us.

If you think you may have seen Andrew, please call us on 116 000
You might be reading this because you are missing – or have lost touch with someone who is missing you. You might even be thinking about leaving home yourself. We won't judge you or tell you what to do. We will listen to, understand and help you.

Call or text us for free, and in confidence on 11600. We are open 24/7 and we can offer you support. Alternatively, email us on

If you want to support us in our search to #FINDEVERYCHILD text SAFE to 70660 to donate £3 a month from your mobile. More info here

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