Thursday, 23 May 2019

#FindEveryChild Week - Finn's Story

This year, we are launching #FindEveryChild week. With over 80,000 children being reported missing in the UK every year, it's important that we're able to offer our services round the clock. Our helpline supports young people who are at risk of harm, as well as the families desperate for answers. We have been speaking with some of the families whose children have been missing for a long time. Finn Layland- Stratfield has been missing since July 2017. Finn's Mother Bek, has shared her story below.

My son

Finn is a deep-thinking, caring young man with a bright, beautiful mind. He loved riding his motorbike and the freedom it gave him – it was his real passion. I still miss hearing him pull up outside of my house. Finn's family and friends love and miss him so much. I miss laughing and listening to music with him and many, many other things.

The last time

My son Finn was 17 when he went missing on the 8th of July 2017.  He is now 19, and has been missing for 22 months at the time of writing this. The last time that I saw Finn was early one morning, stood at my worktop making breakfast and chatting about how the day might unfold for us both. We gave each other a hug goodbye as we always did. The shock of the realisation that Finn had gone missing was so traumatic. At the same time you also have to kick into action as the world that you knew turns into total chaos.

Life in limbo

The first few months after Finn went missing were so hard and chaotic. It still is in some ways, but that chaos has become 'normal' life now. I have had to try hard to engage back into that so as to give stability to my youngest son.  My positive genes have served me well in the last 22 months; that and the drive for never giving up hope as Finn's mum are what keep me going. I also made a conscious decision to choose love over fear the day that Finn went missing. I truly believe that choice is what has kept me strong to try to deal with everything to the best of my abilities.

This situation has taught me so many things in such a steep learning curve. It has changed the way I look at life, and taught me to understand that the simple and beautiful things are what really matter. Really love the people you love in life and appreciate the simple beauty that is around you every day. For me, sitting out on the cliffs every day where I live and taking it all in has made me realise that life can be good on a simple level.

The charity Missing People has been amazing over the months that Finn has been missing. I initially contacted them about a week after his disappearance and since that point they have been by my side throughout this journey.


It goes without saying that finding Finn is my biggest hope. Also, I hope that I can continue to stay as positive and as strong as I can be for my youngest son. I also hope that some of the new skills that I have had to learn over the months will serve me well going forward into the future.

We rely on donations to enable us to deliver these vital services, to keep our 24-hour phone line open and to help Find Every Child. 

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