Wednesday, 22 May 2019

#FindEveryChild Week - Quentin's Story

This year, we are launching #FindEveryChild week. With over 80,000 children being reported missing in the UK every year, it's important that we're able to offer our services round the clock. Our helpline supports young people who are at risk of harm, as well as the families desperate for answers. We have been speaking with some of the families whose children have been missing for a long time. Quentin Godwin disappeared in May 1992. Quentin's Mother Sarah, has shared her story below.

The last time

The last time I saw Quentin was about 10 days before he actually went missing. I had come to England to visit my parents and he had stayed at home in New Zealand with his stepfather and sisters. I said goodbye to him very early on the morning I was going off to the airport and I can still remember that moment quite easily – of him looking at me – and I think he was quite depressed even then, but I did not realise. For me it was a huge issue that I wasn’t there, because perhaps if I had been there he’d not have left home. But you just don’t know.

Life in limbo

Before I had the help from Missing People I had nobody to talk to about what it meant to have my son missing. Talking to them was just fantastic because they understood the situation and the emotional impact it had, and I also started to meet with other families and that was just wonderful. It was emotional, but it was really good to be able to connect to people who knew what I was going through. In our own way, with very different circumstances, we were all going through the same thing. I started working as a family representative for Missing People and talking to the media. I knew I couldn’t do much for my own story, but I could try and help the charity work in ways that would stop other people being as lonely and isolated as I was.


If you read stories like mine and think ‘Wow, what would that be like if it was in my own family? What if my loved one went missing?’ and you have empathy for us, then please support Missing People. By doing so you can stop other families, like your own, having to go through this experience.


We are still working with the police in New Zealand to try and establish the truth. My hope is that we finally find out what happened to Quentin. I know it won’t be a happy ending and there can never really be closure, but at least we could close the circle. I feel that would help us all emotionally settle and understand why we have never seen him again.

We rely on donations to enable us to deliver these vital services, to keep our 24-hour phone line open and to help Find Every Child. 

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