Monday, 3 June 2019

A Day in the Life of a Publicity Appeals Volunteer #VolunteersWeek

To celebrate National Volunteers’ Week, we’re speaking to volunteers from across the organization hearing about what it’s like to be a volunteer. Jackie gives us an insight into what a shift as a Publicity Appeals Volunteer is like and why she decided to get involved with the charity.

I come into the Missing People office every Monday morning for 4 hours. I have done this for a year and the routine has worked well around my other work and life in general.

My role is to assist the Publicity Team with the social media appeals on Facebook and Twitter and Monday morning is generally a very busy shift!

The first priority for me is to remove any social media appeals for those that have been found. It is important that is done to limit any further distress to those found or to their loved ones who have already been through a very difficult time.  Once that is complete I start the process of uploading new appeals on to Facebook and Twitter. Within Publicity, there are other platforms used for appeals such as the British Transport Police, Go Ahead, Netmums and The Big Issue and I will also get involved with sending appeals to those platforms and contact them to remove appeals when a person is found.
The work I carry out is varied and interesting and I always feel I am playing a part in an organisation that is carrying out such essential life changing work.

Working in the same office as the Helpline team really helps you to understand how it all starts with the many calls that come into Missing People. Then with all the other teams around you interacting with each other, you quickly get to learn and see how each area of the business link up to provide the overall essential work the Charity carries out. Everyone involved is passionate about finding those who are missing and a great deal of work is also done supporting the families of those missing loved ones.

When I heard about Missing People and the work they do, it was completely natural to want to come and volunteer for them. The biggest reward to the role is learning that someone you have placed on social media in a previous week has been found safe and well and that thanks to the incredible work the charity do and you being a part of it, the outcome has been a good one.
Everything we do as volunteers is very much appreciated and you feel valued. For me, it is personally rewarding to be here. There are many opportunities to get involved in so many ways and the training you receive as a volunteer is comprehensive and ongoing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a volunteer at the charity and glad I made the decision to do so. To anyone considering it I would say - don’t hesitate, you will be glad you did too!

Publicity can really help with the search for a missing person and can lead to them being found. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our appeals - you never know who might see it so your share could be vital. To find out more ways of getting involved, please visit our website.

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