Friday, 30 August 2019

Words from the family of Kevin Mills

Kevin has been missing since the 23rd of January 1996. With our annual Together2Remember event coming up Kevin's family share their story.

 It was Kevin’s 24th  birthday on 22 January 1996.  Things were fine and he seemed to have a pleasant day.  The next morning he had an appointment in town and all was well when Anne and I both left for work.  When we returned home that evening Kevin wasn’t there. Thinking he was just out, we waited for him to come home. Later that evening we checked his room all his birthday presents were still there and his clothes folded on his chair. The only things missing were his hat, backpack and the clothes he was wearing.  

Since that day we haven’t heard anything of his whereabouts. We contacted the then National Missing Persons Helpline and they helped with many campaigns on TV, radio, newspapers and even milk carton advertising.  It has now been 23 years since he left us and Missing People has continued to support our family.  As parents of a missing person we have received tremendous support from them.

Kevin's dad, John, brother, Gareth and mum, Anne
In the past we have raised funds through selling badges, special missing roses and many others but now since retirement donate to support the Family Tree. We know first-hand how extremely helpful all donations are to the families and all those missing people. 

New Beginnings
Kevin has a brother and two sisters. Since 1996, he has missed three family weddings and has never met his four nephews and four nieces.

Whenever there is a new addition to the family I think of Kevin and everything he’s unaware of. As our close family grows, we wonder whether Kevin has a family of his own. Will we ever see them? Will he ever be aware of his extended family? Thinking about this is heartbreaking for all of us.

Recently there have been two new additions to our family. Kevin’s sister Lisa gave birth to Ethan on 18 August. The next day, his sister in Law, Katie, had baby Clara. Kevin doesn’t know about the joy we felt those days, and thinking about that makes us sad at such a wonderful time.

Memories of Kevin with his brother and sisters in the early years, makes it even harder for us to understand why he left us. I’m not sure we will ever understand his reasoning behind his disappearance, or why he has not been in contact either with us or Missing People for so many years. Only Kevin knows

As the family grows and while we delight in welcoming the new arrivals, our thoughts will still be with Kevin. These are the feelings we have every time there is a family event. You just can’t help the emotional feelings you get when one of your children, now an adult, goes missing.  We think about why he left and whether we did anything wrong. Was he unhappy? What tipped him over the edge to leave? Unless we eventually get to see him again, I don’t think we’ll ever know. All of these emotions are with you always.

We rely on donations to enable us to deliver these vital services and to keep our 24-hour phone line open.

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