Tuesday, 24 December 2019

The spaces in between

 A Christmas reflection from our CEO, Jo Youle.

The light is fading on Christmas eve and the queue of cars is building up outside Waitrose on the high street.

I can hear angry horns beeping at the very people they are likely about to start scrapping with for sprouts in the fruit and veg aisle.

The season of goodwill, hey. Though there’s plenty of that at Missing People with the lights beaming out day and night through the darkness.

There’s such a build-up to the big day.

Most of us are like a walking list. Wracking our brains for what to buy people who say they don’t want anything, let alone need anything.

Checking if we’ve spent enough.

Worrying because it feels like the world equates money spent to love shown.

It takes a guilty toll in a world where some have so much whilst others have so little.

I’ll resolve it a tad by giving the Big Issue Seller my best smile and some cash on my way home.

I like the quiet of being in the office when most folk have headed off for the Christmas holidays.
A little pocket of calm.

Time to sort out piles of important stuff which turns out to contain nothing more than actions already done. And anything not done, not important at all.

A post-it note to self for 2020 to not fret over the small things.

I like the quiet moments.

The spaces in between.

The bus journey to the Christmas party.

A cheeky glass of wine on your own whilst wrapping the presents.

The train ride to join up with family.

The Japanese have a word for it. Ma

It’s about the space and quiet.

Time to pause and reconcile tensions and differences.

Like the no mans land between Christmas and New Year.

My favourite bits.

Pauses in the patter of a conversation. 

A walk to walk off the Heroes.

Time to remember someone who’s not there.

And forever grateful for the people who are

Happy Christmas everyone

And here’s to more ma in 2020.

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