Monday, 27 January 2020

Results from our 2020 Home For Christmas Campaign.

This year we had an overwhelming amount of support from our followers who joined together to raise awareness for those away from home.

Leah Croucher was the face of our #HomeForChristmas Campaign. Leah went missing in February 2019, 9 months later her family spent their first Christmas without her.

We wanted to share a message from Claire, Leah's mum, who shares a thank you to everyone who downloaded her daughter's poster and helped raise vital awareness for her appeal.

"Myself, John and Jade would like to thank everyone for their support and kindness over this difficult Christmas period for us. To everyone who shared posts about Leah and downloaded her poster we are eternally grateful. That Leah's story gained national press again is heartwarming. Hopefully this has helped to elevate awareness even further about Leah's disappearance.  The response has been overwhelming and is due to all the hard  work of the wonderful people at missing people.  

Please dont stop looking for our beautiful, shy, kind little princess. Look at people on the bus, in the street, in the que at the shops.  We are lost without our Leah.  We need her back home with us. Life will never be the same for us. It's impossible to cope with losing one child, but as you are all aware we lost Leah's  brother Haydon as well in November as he could no longer deal with the damaging thoughts of what fate had befallen his little  sister.  No one can help us get him back. We have to learn to cope with life without him. The space he leaves behind is enormous.  We cant cope with two lost children. We are at the edge of an abyss. Please dont let us fall in...#ComeHomeLeah"

74 thousand people in Milton Keynes received a letter from Leah's sister, Jade in the post.

24 thousand people viewed Leah's appeal online. 

362 people downloaded our appeals to share with their friends and family.

265 people opted in to hear more vital information about the charity.

Digital boards with information about Leah were seen over 2 million times in Milton Keynes, the town she went missing from.

Claire's story was viewed over 65 thousand times.

Thank you for supporting families in crisis. Please continue to download and share our appeals to help us reunite families.

If you have been affected by a disappearance, please remember we are here for you in confidence.  You can get in touch by phone or text on 116 000 or you can email us on

You are not alone.

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